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Here's a very easy way to convert Youtube videos to mp3. No registration is needed, no signup or app download, everything is done online, safely, securely. All you need is the name of the song, nothing else. Simply start typing it in the white box above, and our system will join in and offer popular search queries, so you can easily find a dozen or two videos by this artist or this song with remixes and such.. Then it's as easy as clicking on video thumbnails and then clicking on the big green button to download the mp3. Yes, it is as easy as it sounds. There are no limits, no restrictions and no overwatch thanks to https access. We are here for all your Youtube to mp3 needs.

Convert Youtube to MP3 online to listen offline.

Our suggestion to you is to stop wasting your limited valuable monthly data on video streaming services like Youtube just to listen to new music.. Every time you listen to a new song, it loads several times the video data compared to audio stream. And listening to this song 10 times makes it just 10 times worse. So all you need to do is convert youtube video to mp3 and download song to your device. After that every time you listen to this song - it doesn't consume your data anymore. If you're planning to hear this song more than once - use our service!

Youtube to mp3. The world of music unblocked.

If you ever run into a screen on Youtube saying this video was blocked in your country - give LTY a try and we will help you download that video as mp3 in just seconds. Simply copy video link to device clipboard using social Share button (with Copy Link option), and then insert it into the white box above (Right-click / Tap-and-hold + Paste), and hit GO. You will be delighted at the results!

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