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Hi. Welcome to the most reliable Youtube to mp3 converter one can find online. LTY is new, cool, short name for ListenToYoutube. That's right, we are here to help you convert music from Youtube videos to mp3 file and download. This operation is fast, free and requires no signup or registration, no software or any additional downloads. Simply click in the white box above and start typing the name of the artist or song title, and system will suggest popular search requests, search Youtube for videos, offer some videos to convert to mp3. All you'll have to do is click the videos you like and mp3 converter button will show up, and mp3 can be downloaded. You can also insert Youtube video URL in the box above and hit GO for the same effect. To copy Youtube video URL, simply hit the Share button on the video, and then Copy Link to Clipboard.

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LTY is fresh, hip, new, and it's the most convenient online app to convert Youtube music to MP3 audio (free mp3 download included). We have been using our mp3 converter for quite a while invite-only, making it perfect and ready for big leagues. Now the time has come to invite you to try our Youtube to mp3 converter and see for yourself how easy it is to Listen To Youtube. Nowadays Youtube tracks your visits, throws 2-3 ads at you just to start watching a video. Well that is an issue no longer with LTY: just give us a name or title, and we will search Youtube for you, let you pic video and get mp3 converter going without even actual visit to Youtube website. Which means no video, no auto-play, no tracking, no ads, nothing will bother you here except our popups, but yeah, that's how we support our converter network. wesorry...

How to make 100% of this Youtube to mp3 converter

LTY is Listen To Youtube. While keeping the classic look, our site is much easier to use than the classic was. Here's how to convert Youtube to mp3 using LTY. Step 1 - tap the input box above and start entering song title or artist name. Step 2 - select from popular searches or finish your own search. Step 3 - click on video you would like to download as mp3 file. Step 4 - click on big green mp3 converter button. That's all! Mp3 converter will get the video, convert it to mp3 file of high quality, include thumbnail as album art for easy finding in your mp3 library. This will take roughly 10-15 seconds and Mp3 download will start. If you know URL of the video, sometimes it's hard to find it via search, - feel free to submit link into the box and hit GO. It'll skip steps 1, 2 and 3, and go directly to step 4 with mp3 converter button showing..

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Happy times are here, start with the cheer, or something like that. But we do have a nice app now. It's free, lightweight, super fast and has all the functionality of the website. The app doesn't require updates, it automatically updates when website is updated, so it is guaranteed to work always and forever. Check it out, installation only takes a moment. You can use the app on Android or Windows device, preferably with Chrome based browser. And there's link to uninstall, if you feel this app is garbage.. But we think you're going to like it. features:

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